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Welcome to the 369th Experience


The 369th Experience is part of a series of events endorsed by the World War I Centennial Commission and sponsored in part by The Coca Cola Foundation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I.
A key component of this celebration is the recreation of the 369th Regimental Band, the band, which in its original form, consisted of 65 African American and Puerto Rican gentlemen who charmed the hearts and minds of Americans and Europeans.
Led by Bandmaster, James Reese Europe and Drum Major and Lead Vocalist, Noble Sissle, the famous Harlem Hell Fighters regimental band’s spirited arrangements of ragtime, jazz and blues first introduced European audiences to the novel sounds of this American music.
Funded by a generous grant from The Coca Cola Foundation, this new 369th Experience Student Band will be taught the history and repertoire of the original Harlem Hell Fighters Band and will retrace their steps of the, performing the band's repertoire at centennial celebrations in New York City; Brest and Paris, France; and a host of other historical locales.



Join the Celebration


Beginning in November 2016, 75 freshmen and sophomore music students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other colleges and universities across America will be selected to join the band. Students chosen for the final band will be announced in January 2017.


Participants will take part in a series of commemorative events culminating with performances at historic sites across the United States and Europe. This is your opportunity to pay special tribute to the men who sacrificed so much and inspired so many.


Complete the online application for your chance to make history! Click here or copy the link to apply today.

The official application for The 369th Experience Band should include the following:

A digital audition video
Form 1: Completed and Signed 369th Experience Band – Membership Application
Form 2: Completed, Initialed and Signed 369th Experience Band Member – Preparation/Rules of Conduct, Understanding & Acknowledgement
Form 3: Completed and Signed 369th Experience Band Member Release
Form 4: Signed 369th Experience Band Audition Video Submission Instructions
Apply Online. There is a non-refundable payment Application Processing Fee of $3.69.

Completed Application Forms must be submitted online.

Once selected, participants must adhere to the following academic and performance progress guidelines:

  1. Maintain good standing with the student's respective university
  2. Maintain full time enrollment (minimum 12 hours) status each semester with no incomplete's (I), withdrawals or failing grades
  3. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5
  4. Students must agree to a background check from law enforcement agencies from their hometown and/or the city where their educational institution is located.

In order to receive the $1,500 scholarship, students must complete the required educational units and participate in all program events and activities.